Dark ages

More than 100.000 houses in Romania have
No access to electricity.

This means hundreds of thousands of people that still
live in the XIX century, although the statistics are
from the XXI one.

After sun sets, their only light source is a gas-lamp
or a candle.

Goes without saying that there is no TV,
no computer and no possibility to charge a mobile phone.

To all the children of these families
- that have no access to information and education,

Nor the ability to connect with the rest of the world -
words such as future or tomorrow remain unknown.

Let there be light!

As any other difficult situation this too has a simple solution:
Money + Involvement. Approximately 6000 lei is the cost for
electrifying a house with solar panels,

Which is the responsible and immediate effective solution,
implemented so far for 83 families and 4 schools in
14 counties in Romania by the NGO Free Miorita.

And this year - with the generous support of NN Insurance
and of the most beautiful electric community
- light for Romania will come from Bontida.

Cast your forecast!

Put your vote for better use! In other words: let your pessimism or optimism light the world!
Cause this year you can support this cause simply by guessing the weather at
electric castle festival 2017.

Thus your entertainment will become a generous contribution
for electrifying more than 25 houses in romania.
And the children of all these families will receive a sure chance for education.

Electric weather for electricity

Turning on the light means to start by being
transparent. So here is how the money for this
cause are raised and what's gonna happen to it:

30.000 euros are generously assured by NN Insurance Company through a
specially-created insurance policy guaranteeing that no matter how the
weather turns out to be at Electric Castle Festival this year, Free Miorita
NGO (the implementer-beneficiary of this contract) is going to receive this
amount and will be able to electrify a minimum of 25 houses of families
with children.
The above-mentioned amount is generously upgraded by Electric Castle
Festival organizers who are donating 5 lei out of each sold ticket from June
to July 2017. Therefore the minimum of 25 houses will become more and
the light sent from Bontida to the world will have reached more families.
To top these amounts, here comes the most generous contribution of all: YOURS.
When you cast your forecast, spread the word about this project
or willingly donate a small amount of money, you are directly contributing
to electrifying even more houses and bringing
the light into educating more children.
At the end of the campaign and of the festival, the entire amount gathered
from all these sources will be publicly announced
and used only for the intended purpose.
Electric Castle (the project initiator), NN Insurance Company (the sponsor)
and Free Miorita (the implementer) will responsibly advertise the exact and
real results gained out of this extraordinary project.
The account number is: RO71BACX0000000942462000
Asociatia Free Miorita

(mention "Electric Castle donation")
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